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Here’s a little video about the services AiDav can provide for you:

AiDav provides freelance yet bespoke video production and graphic design work.

We also offer a full re-branding service.

Real estate video and photo services also available.

Most of the work is done by the owner and operator himself (Adrian Evans) this is in order to keep costs at a minimum and to ensure a personal touch that will surely be lacking in other companies.

All my designs and work are custom made for you.  This means results that are unique and different.  For example, if I design a logo for you, you won’t find your logo somewhere else on the web, as is the case with some “cheap and nasty” operators out there.
So if you want your video or graphic design done the way YOU want it to be done, contact me and see what I can do for you.

We also offer photography services trough www.aevansphoto.com.

Professional level equipment:

Fuji X Series Cameras with professional lenses.

Canon XF300 professional HD video camera

Manfrotto Light Panels

and much more…



Take the hard work out of preparing for your video production by hiring me to do it for you.  I have been trained professionally in all aspects of pre-production including location arraning and scouting, script writing, arranging talent etc.


Videography and lighting, we use high end video equipment with professional microphones and the latest LED lighting technology to provide stable and constant sound and image.

Our videography services include the following:

Live events


Shooting for edit


Corporate videos


More importantly, our years of professional experience will help you through your video project.  Giving advice and guidance where needed and we will help you know ways you can help the process so you can SAVE MONEY (rare from a video production company).


Post Production

(AKA video editing).  I have over 20 years experience as a video editor. I know the rhythm of video editing and how it works to the benefit of the audience.  Video editing is a highly skilled, time consuming endeavor that really benefits from a professional touch.

I use Adobe products and high level computer editing equipment to edit.

The products I have master level skill in are:






Good communication is the key to a successful editing project.  The more you can let me know you want, the better the results will be.




Logo I am currently working on (part of a re-branding exercise for a client)

Logo I am currently working on (part of a re-branding exercise for a client)

Another sample of one of my work (layout work) can be found HERE

I have over 8 years of experience in professional graphic design (working part time and full time doing this for a local Hong Kong company as well as a freelance worker).  During those 8+ years I worked on the following design projects:

Business cards
Promotional materials

So if you have something in mind, be sure to CONTACT ME with any inquires.

NOTE: All the design work on this page was done by me. A lot of my work is controlled by copyright or is sensitive for political reasons.




I offer photography services of all kinds.

Please visit www.aevansphoto.com to know more.

Lots of cool pictures over there to look at too 😉