Embarrassing blunder as One Nation accidentally admits First Nation member into the party

One Nation Founder Pauline doesn’t know much about did dun happened.

In an unexpected move, the notoriously allegedly xenophoic (please explain?) and allegedly racist Australian political party has admitted a First Nation member into the party in what is expected to be a clerical error. When asked for a quote Pauline Hanson was allegedly heard to say “What?” and then walked off in a direction not the same as the one she was once walking.

One Nation spokesperson man Johnothan Pilsbery is allegedly quoted as saying “We ain’t know what dun happen’ Maybe is words wrong write on clicky-clacky machine thingy. We dun does know what do next?”

One Nation Speakmanguy Johnothan Pilsbey – not a well focused man

The new member allegedly known only as Nigel was asked for a quote, but we couldn’t find his email address. We know it is somewhere.

We asked political analyst Ima Portland for their view on the topic and this is what they allegedly had to say:

“The political zeitgeist has been challenged deeply by this move. Most likely caused by the fundamental error made by politicians throughout history, that being that someone got “first” and “one” confused.”

It is allegedly the opinion of this news organisation that this is all conjecture and we do not want to get sued.

This article is satire. SATIRE I SAY