History: AiDav as a company was founded officially in 2005. However, the roots of AiDav go back about 10 years before that. In the mid-1990s, Adrian Evans and Tim Davies (hence the name “AiDav”) started making comedy films together in their spare time. The results of their wacky efforts can be seen here (warning, these videos are very low budget and very amateurish… you’ve been warned…):

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Since the 1990s though Adrian moved to Hong Kong and Tim remained in Australia.  However the love for film remained. In 2004 Adrian studied film and television in Curtin University in Western Australia.  Eventually getting a Graduate dipolma in Film and TV (distinction average). After that he returned to Hong Kong and started AiDav Productions offically.  Over the years working with many top companies (see the home page and scroll down to see which ones). Since then AiDav has moved to Queensland Australia, we also changed the name to AiDav Media (since we’re not just a production company).  Also, we’ve switched our focus to COMEDY as our roots are in that. For more click the picture below:
Got any questions?  Please email me directly: aidavpro@gmail.com